Shahnaz Husain does India proud by getting honoured in the British Parliament

By Bipin Sharma

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There’s never a moment when Global Beauty & Wellness Ambassador Shahnaz Husain who is a now a Subject at the Harvard University has not done India proud with her laurels and marvels.

Be it India or overseas, Shahnaz has always won adulation for her tireless and peerless contribution to the Beauty & Wellness Industry.

Her visit to London this year has not only been eventful like previous years, but has truly been unforgettable as she has scored a hat trick by getting three prestigious honours in a row. Truly a watershed moment for the entire nation!!

To begin with, Shahnaz Husain was first honoured with the Confluence Excellence Award for Pioneering Ayurveda worldwide in the British Parliament. Present on the momentous occasion were Baroness Sandy Verma, Smita Shrivastav, Founder Director, Confluence Foundation, Shahnaz Husain, Mahendra Singh Jadeja, Chairperson Confluence U.K. Chapter and Swati Maheshwari, Internal Medicine Specialist.

This was ensued by Shahnaz getting honoured with Ayurvedic Innovation Award for Chemoline Range specially formulated for cancer survivors. The award was conferred on her by Shashikant Patel, Treasurer and senior most member of BJP Overseas at an event held in Holiday Inn, Regent Park, London for cancer survivors by Inspiring Indian Women and Confluence.

The third honour that came Shahnaz’s way was when she was conferred the Excellence Award during the course of the Ayurveda Day Celebrations in the British Parliament. In the event, she spoke of India’s timeless herbal heritage. She was the unanimous choice for the award for playing a pivotal role in promoting the wide spread benefits of Ayurveda to different nooks and corners of the world, and for inspiring world citizenry to lead a healthy and holistic lifestyle by making the best use of Ayurveda. The event was graced by personalities like Professor Thangavelu, David Terdiinneck M.P., Charanjeet Singh, India’s acting High Commissioner to the U.K., and Amarjeet Bhamra, Secretary, All Party Parliamentary Group to name a few.

In her entire illustrious career, Harvard Subject Shahnaz Husain has never ceased to fascinate countless of her admirers all over the globe. Blessed with a knack of setting new benchmarks, she has accomplished many milestones in the last four decades of her golden career.

The country’s ace beauty brand has taken the world by a storm on numerous occasions whenever she launches a new beauty and skin range of products. Shahnaz Herbals is the only Indian cosmetic brand to be present at Selfridges, in London. Her beauty range products being based on natural and ayurvedic ingredients happen to be biggest USP in the foreign market. Shahnaz was the only lady invited by the US President Barack Obama to represent India at the Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship in Washington DC held in April, 2010.

Shahnaz spearheads a huge organization with a worldwide chain of numerous franchise clinics, shops, schools and spas as well as Ayurvedic formulations for skin, hair, body and health care.

Shahnaz Husain has earned the sobriquet, “The Lady with a Golden heart” for being the “harbinger of hope” in a world of darkness for all such women, by offering free beauty training so as to make them self reliant and financially independent. Shahnaz feels truly rewarded when she is able to restore joy on the faces of all those in distress. It makes her life more meaningful and complete!! Shahnaz was awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India in 2006 for bringing rich laurels to the country and for passionately and assiduously promoting the concept of Ayurvedic herbal products. It is remarkable how she has been vociferously educating and cautioning people about the adversities of using chemical cosmetics.

Besides Padma Shri, Shahnaz has been honoured with many other prestigious international awards including three prestigious ones from London all in one month. She is the recipient of the “Outstanding Ayurvedic Innovation Award” at the House of Commons in the British Parliament. The award was presented to her by Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communications and Local Government. She also received the “Woman of the Year” Asian Achievers Award from Asian Business Publications Ltd (ABPL), as well as the prestigious Olympia Award for “Outstanding Contribution in Ayurveda and Plant Cosmetics” at the Olympia Show in London.

Shahnaz Husain becoming a ‘Subject’ at the Harvard has brought rich laurels to the country since very few ‘Case Studies’ go on to become ‘Subjects’ at the world’s premier B-school, the Harvard Business School.

That she has also spoken at the House of Lords and House of Commons in the British Parliament on Ayurveda and Woman Empowerment add more feathers to her cap. In her illustrious professional career spanning more than five decades, she has been conferred numerous awards and honours including the coveted “World’s Greatest Woman Entrepreneur” award bestowed on her by ‘Success Magazine’ in the year 1996.

Shahnaz Husain, one of India’s leading woman entrepreneurs, is a pioneer in her field, an innovator and visionary. She has spent her life in the single minded pursuit of taking our ancient Indian heritage of Ayurveda to the world. With an irrepressible commitment to recapture India’s ancient heritage, and present it to the world, she has been its most dedicated ambassador, speaking on Brand India at world forums and international audiences in her relentless efforts to convince the world of the benefits of India’s rich medicinal science. By combining the prescriptions of Ayurveda with scientific techniques, Shahnaz has taken Ayurvedic beauty care to every corner of globe with a crusader’s zeal. Today, the Shahnaz Husain Group is the largest organization of its kind in the world, with a global network of franchise salons, beauty academies, direct product distributors and nearly 375 formulations for beauty and health care.

In an exclusive chat, Shahnaz said, “The journey of India and for all of us from Ayurveda Inheritance to the era of Artificial Intelligence is just incredible. Cultural industries, like Ayurveda, play an important role in the economy of developing nations, not only in terms of economic growth, but also to achieve social stability, generate employment, create wealth and earn foreign exchange through exports. India is a country with a rich cultural heritage, with immense economic potential. In the present scenario of globalization, the challenge for Shahnaz was to develop Ayurveda to compete in the international market. Today, in the international sphere, Shahnaz Herbal stands as a formidable competitor to every international brand that enters India. Today, scientific research is supporting Ayurveda. There is a growing realization all over the world that Ayurveda is very relevant to modern times. My experience has been mainly in Ayurvedic beauty care and I have always believed that India has a great deal to offer the rest of the world, in terms of her herbal heritage and her tradition of herbal healing. Today, the world is looking at Ayurveda with enlightened eyes. During the last few decades, there has been a worldwide “back to nature” trend. We have seen naturalism and the “total wellness” concept come into the lifestyle, with greater emphasis on mental and physical well being. So, it is only natural that the world will look at the Indian disciplines of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda. In fact, that is why our holistic concept of “Ayurvedic beauty care and cure” has caught on worldwide. It’s overwhelming when experts credit me for creating an international market for Ayurvedic beauty and health care.”

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