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DPCC Legal files a complaint against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

DPCC Legal and Human Rights Department files a complaint against Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal with the Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi for the gross violation of the Model Code of Election Conduct

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NEW DELHI, March 30, 2019—At the direction of Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee president Smt. Sheila Dikshit, a delegation of the  Legal and  Human Rights Department of the Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee, under the leadership of its chairman Advocate Sunil Kumar,  today  submitted a complaint to the Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi  at his office at Kashmere Gate  against Delhi Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal for violating the Election Code of Conduct and misusing his position as Chief Minister.

The complaint noted that  the Aam Aadmi Party Government, headed by Shri Arvind Kejriwal, has been squandering the tax payers’ hard earned money in writing  letters to lakhs  of voters of Delhi for the election campaign of the Aam Aadmi Party for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019, in an attempt to  influence the general public/voters, with the plea  that the Congress cannot defeat the BJP and therefore the voters of Delhi should cast their votes for the Aam Aadmi Party candidates in Delhi.

The complaint said that Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has grossly violated the code of conduct by misusing his official/government position and his official residence by sending letters to lakhs of  voters in Delhi.

Further, the complaint elaborated that Shri Kejriwal has misused tax payers’ money to mislead the people for the benefit of his own Aam Aadmi Party to seek support for the AAP candidates through letters for the upcoming Lok  Sabha elections. It said that Shri Kejriwal has blatantly violated the Model Code of Conduct which is in place after the declaration of the Lok Sabha  election dates by the Election Commission of India. Moreover, for writing  letters to the voters, Shri Arvind Kejriwal has not sought the prior permission of the Election Commission, nor there is any name of the printer in these letters. Neither the letters specify as to how many number of copies have been printed as has been prescribed in Section 127A of the Representation of the People Act. (The Act stipulates that ‘no person shall print or publish, or caused to be printed or published, any election pamphlet or poster which does not bear on its face the names and addresses of the Printer and the Publisher thereof’).

The complaint also noted that Kejriwal has not mentioned the date on the said letters just to mislead the Election Commission, despite the fact that these letters are being circulated at a very large scale after the Election Code of Conduct came into force, and by making mis-representation to the general voters of Delhi with the motive to disturb communal harmony in Delhi and to gain advantage in some particular community.

“In view of the above-mentioned facts, we seek your urgent intervention in the matter by initiating stern action against Shri Arvind Kejriwal for violation of the Model Code of Conduct, and further disqualify the Aam Aadmi Party from contesting the Lok Sabha elections in Delhi. Further more, the enquiry to be initiated against Shri Arvind Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party for the misuse of public funds for political gains, and recover the money thus spent from Shri Kejriwal and the AAP party”, the complaint demanded.


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