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RSS leader Indresh Kumar accused Congress of being anti-democracy, anti- people and anti-nation

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New Delhi, Launching a frontal attack on the Congress party for weakening security apparatus
of the nation and supporting Article 370 and 35A according separate status to Jammu and Kashmir,
senior RSS leader and social thinker Indresh Kumar accused the Congress of being anti-democracy, anti-
people and anti-nation.
Addressing a crowded press conference here on Wednesday Sri Indresh Kumar said that Congress did
not give freedom but gave partition of the country and agreed to separate status, separate flag,
separate Prime Minister and President for the state of Jammu and Kashmir during 1947.
MRM National Conveners Dr Shahid Akhtar (Ranchi, Jharkhand), Abu Bakar Naqvi (Tonk, Rajashtan),
Virag Pachpor (Nagpur, Maharashtra) and Bharat Rawat, were prominently present at the press
Recalling the history of Jammu and Kashmir, Sri Indresh Kumar said that when Article 370 was proposed
to be inserted in the Constitution by Pt Jawaharlal Nehru, senior Constituent Assembly member
Maulana Hasrat Mohani and six other Muslim members strongly opposed to this proposal. Their plea
was such a step would further lead to strengthening of separatist attitude and prove dangerous for the
integrity and sovereignty of the country in future. They even resigned in protest of this step by Nehru.
The present developments prove that they were right.
Similarly, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar who was the Member Secretary of the drafting committee also
expressed his displeasure on inserting this article and did not sign the proposal. But still that was
introduced stating that this would be a temporary provision and that article would be rendered
ineffective with the passage of time. But this did not happen and now these leaders from J & K are
threatening to break away from India. This is nothing but an antinational act and should be condemned
severely, Indresh Kumar said.
He even launched a strong attack on Congress party’s poll manifesto that promised to weaken the
security apparatus of the country. These are very people who took objections to surgical strike and air
strike by the Indian security forces that destroyed the terror training camps inside Pakistan’s territory.
Congress in 1947 gave partition to the people and now also talking in the same language, he said adding
that it is high time that this anti-national mindset of Congress leaders should be exposed.
In response to a question, Indresh Kumar said that the law should be made to make citizens respect the
religious feelings and faiths to avoid incidents like mob lynching in the name of cow protection. He said
that the Quran and the Prophet never preached sacrifice of cow and consumption of beef. Recalling that
the 1857 War of Independence was fought by the Hindus and Muslims on the matter of faith he said
that faith is dearer to people than their life. They are even prepared to sacrifice.
He said that the Congress party had all along kept Muslims out of the mainstream in the name of
minorityism. They are equal partners in the development of the country. We are trying to impress this
fact upon them and our efforts are getting very positive response from the Muslim community. The
present government did a lot for the socio-economic and educational development of the Muslim
community. Even internationally, the Modi government succeeded in creating goodwill among the

Islamic nations and isolate Pakistan at international level which was evident from the treatment
Pakistan got by the OIC.
Muslims now have decided to vote to ensure victory of BJP and Modi government this time, Indresh
Kumar said adding that this is the most positive development.

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