Meenakshi Lekhi demands AAP’s declaration of reserving 85% seats to local students in Delhi

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New Delhi, 25th April.  Delhi BJP Candidate from New Delhi Loksabha Constituency Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi said that CM Arvind Kejriwal always promises what he can’t fulfil. He simply tries to be fool electorate but ends up befooling himself. His present demand is also nothing but a pure election gimmick that will fizzle out once the election gets over. Arvind Kejriwal must look into his 2015 election manifesto in which his party had promised opening of 500 new government schools and 20 degree colleges. But, over the last four years neither a single degree college has been opened, nor a single school has been started. So, it was like promising moon to the Delhi electorate which was bound to fail.

Delhi is a National Capital Territory and we all know that its prominent institutions for higher studies like the DU and the JNU are centrally administered universities where seats can’t be reserved on domicile basis. Students from all over the country and also from overseas come to these institutions in pursuit of excellence and they will keep doing so even in future. The solution lies in opening more number of colleges and universities under Delhi state administration so that the local students could be accommodated in a better way. But, instead of focusing on real solutions, Kejriwal has been fooling people. However, the electorate of 2019 has grown smarter and hence, this time no one is going to fall in his trap.

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