What’s the point of finding water on Mars if you can’t take care of the water on Earth, says Papon

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Where is India’s water scarcity heading? Are we coming to the point when water for basic needs will be a luxury? It’s time we wake up to the dire need of already treating the life source as a luxury and do whatever we can to save it. Papon, singer-songwriter, expresses his concerns on Express Yourself on MX Player.

He says, “Humneyehsocha hi nahikiitne planets haiduniyamein and paaniek hi main hai and ussimein hum bassehai and usikepaani se khelrahehai hum. Hume maza aa rahahaiki Mars meinkahinpaanimilahai. Areeapnepaanikotohsambhalo, Mars kepaanitakjaarahe ho. Yehnadika, paanika, water bodies ka, uskepaasbaithneka, yeh jo apnemaansikstithiko jo santulan de rahahai, yehnahihogana, tab hum santulankhobaithenge. Thodasa agar hum kashtuthaengetohyeh planet, yehdhartiko hum bacha paenge. Utnatohkarnabantahai.”

Papon has composed a special song on Water Conservation which is live on Express Yourself on MX Player.

To know more about Express Yourself tune in to MX Player MX Original Series – Express Yourself will see India’s leading musical talent raise their voice to encourage positive change in the society by making meaningful songs about the social causes they truly believe in.  Each episode takes the viewer through a journey riddled with facts and statistics that will leave you horrified, visuals that leave a lasting impression and heart-wrenching testimonials that come together in a song that will touch your soul. The short format series sets the wheel in motion and compels you to reflect on issues that plague the nation.

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