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BEGAM PARVEEN SULTANA’S CAPTIVATES YOUNG Delegates with her powerful and versatile singing

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SPIC MACAY is organizing its 7th International Convention at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, from June 3rd – 9th, 2019. It is an annual congregation of youth from across India and abroad, who spend one week in a unique ashram-like atmosphere. About 1100 young delegates from India and abroad have been registered in this convention. Concerts by leading exponents of Indian Classical Music-Carnatic & Hindustani, Classical Dance performances, Folk performances, Talks by eminent writers and painters, a Cinema screening with a discussion, Heritage Walks, Workshops in Classical Music, Dance, Folk Art and Crafts, Hath Yoga, Naad Yoga, and various other activities is a part of the schedule during the convention. The concluding day has a ‘Classical Overnight’ concert beginning at 8 pm and ending at 6 am the following morning.

The second day of the SPIC MACAY’s International Convention, delegates have witnessed intensive yoga sessions which were held early morning from 4-7am in the University premises. Ustad Bahauddin Dagar, Nirmalya Dey, and Swami Tyagaraja, conducted Naad Yoga while Sanyasi Yogeshwar, Smt. Zarna Mohan, and Ust. Wasifuddin Dagar conducted the Hath Yoga. Five types and genres of Yoga sessions in which over 1000 student delegates participated which was followed by a holistic and healthy breakfast. The overwhelming response from the students signifies enthusiasm and optimism from the young generation towards the Indian traditional culture and health practices.

The convention provided a choice in the various types of Yoga Sutras such as Meditation with Brahma Kumari tradition and Bihar School of Yoga. Apart from this, a confluence of dance and Yoga (such as Kudiattam, Sattriya, and Dhrupad) were also organized and recorded overwhelming response from participants.

In today’s schedule, SPIC MACAY hosted the world’s leading puppeteer the founder of The Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust, Guru Dadi Pudumjee who was felicitated by JNU’s assistant professor Mr. Jaikhlong. He is the alumni of the National Institute of Design, and Darpan Academy of Performing Arts and Marionette Theatre Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, where he received intensive training in puppetry. Pudumjee’s puppetry is known for not being restricted to the more common versions of string and hand-puppets. In his performance, he used semi-sculptural puppets that were attached to actors’ bodies which carried across the stage. The Sangeet Natak Akademi Award recipient enraptured everyone by taking two shoes from the audience and creatively explained puppetry through that. Art of puppetry was demonstrated to highlight the nuances of the art ranging from shadow puppets, Japanese wooden puppets, life-size puppet made from reusable materials. This was followed by interaction session with delegates.

The Puppet Theatre was followed by a unique Qawwali rendition by the national as well as internationally renowned Warsi Brothers. The duo is known for their melody and improvisation and also for their traditional Sufiana Qawwalis, Ghazal, Thumri, Bhajan and classical Bandish. The brothers are joint recipients of the Sangeet Natak Akademi award for their contribution to Qawwali.

The Art Talk featured the world renowned artist Shri Krishen Khanna. He gave a presentation of his acclaimed art work and paintings and responded to queries from the audience.

The evening program featured the legendary Begum Parveen Sultana performance in Raga Poorya Dhayashree, Kalawati before concluding her recital with beautiful renditions in Raga Bhairavi.

The evening concluded with Carnatic Vocal recital by Vidwan T. V. Sankarnarayanan along with accompanists on the violin, ghatam and mridungam.

The convention shall continue till Sunday with many more workshops, concerts, folk and arts series.

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