Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey honored 53 skilled trainers for their outstanding contribution

Kaushalacharya Awards to become an annual ceremony

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New Delhi, September 6, 2019: In a bid to motivate and incentivize more trainers to
join the Skill India Mission, the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
(MSDE) today organized Kaushalacharya Samadar 2019 to felicitate trainers from
different sectors for exceptional contribution towards creating a future-ready and skilled

A total of 53 trainers from diverse backgrounds including experts of WorldSkills
Competition winners, trainers from National Skill Training Institutes (NSTIs), Industrial
Training Centres (ITI), Jan Sikshan Sansthans (JSS) and trainers from reputed
Corporate houses were honored at a gathering of government and industrial experts
held on the occasion of Teachers’ Day by Skill India. Renewing the pledge to improve
the skilling ecosystem of the country these Trainers included 19 Experts of winners from
Team India who competed at WorldSkills 2019 in Kazan, Russia; 15 Skill Trainers from
the NSTI/ITI ecosystem; 9 Corporate trainers awarded from companies namely Adobe,
IBM, Microsoft, Maruti, ONGC, Bosch, Bhel and Aegis; and 10 Trainers from JSS.
The Ministry also announced the “Kaushalacharya Awards” would be an annual event
to recognize the contribution made by skill trainers in the vocational training ecosystem.
By 2022 it is estimated India will need about 2.5 lakh trainers across the skilling
ecosystem. NSDC and DGT are working together to create better quality trainers and
assessors. To ensure standardization of training and learning, MSDE is working on
creating world-class academies and putting in place rigorous accreditation processes.
The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has introduced programs to for
effective utilization of capacity and infrastructure across the network of National Skill
Training Institutes (NSTIs) to achieve greater convergence between long-term and
short-term skill ecosystem. Organisations like NIMI, NSTI, Central Staff Training and
Research Institute (CSTRI) are working closely toward strengthening of trainers.

Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey, Hon’ble Minister for Skill Development and
Entrepreneurship, said, “The Guru-Shishya parampara has been a unique feature of
ancient Indian civilization where our teachers imparted life’s lessons and skills to
disciples. On this day, we honour our trainers who have imparted their learning to the
youth and helped in moulding their careers. In order to motivate and recognize their
contribution to the skilling ecosystem, I am happy to announce the Kaushalacharya
Awards an annual ceremony to celebrate the teachers who are pillars of the Skill India
edifice. It is only fitting that we honour our own Gurus who the global community has
already recognized by showering rich accolades on skilled Indian youth at WorldSkills
International at Kazan, Russia, a week ago.”
Urging the industry to get into more longstanding partnerships, Shri Raj Kumar Singh,
Hon’ble Minister of State, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship,
said, “Industrialisation in India had for long been hamstrung by a dearth of skilled
manpower. The Skill India Mission has addressed the need for an equipped and skilled
workforce. We are looking at introducing degree programs for trainers to boost technical
education and vocational training in the country. Today’s event marks a special day
where we celebrate all those trainers who have helped thousands of youth, and inspire
many more technically equipped and experienced people to join the Skill India Mission.”
A special workbook aimed at building a meaningful learning experience for students
was launched by the DGT. The book has been developed by the National Instructional
Media Institute (NIMI), which designs and develops books and study material for ITIs.
Representatives of Tata Strive, Quest Alliance, Mahindra Pride Class Room and NIMI
attended the event where MSDE recognized their contribution to the workbook.
A manual of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) was launched to boost training of
trainers and assessors. The SOP provides instructions on how to implement and adhere
to processes, frameworks and systems specified in the ‘Training of Trainers and
Assessors Guidelines for Short-term skill development programmes’.
In a clear sign of increasing public-private partnership for training, an MoU was signed
between DGT and Kaushalya Kameshwar Techno Solution Pvt Limited under which
training will be provided in Industrial environment in mining sector courses. Kaushalya
Kameshwar Techno Solution Pvt Limited is a Dhanbad-based company.

The evolution of skill training depends on the quality of instruction at the workplace and
quality of instruction at the classroom. Corporates and universities have supported the
Skill India Mission by providing training academies with quality infrastructure for training
of trainers. The initiative has also been supported by international organisations like

Temasek Foundation and Singapore Polytechnic that have bolstered capacity-building
programs for trainers and assessors. This has allowed Standardized Guidelines and
Standard Operating Procedure to be developed for the implementation of
comprehensive training programme for trainers in the short-term skilling ecosystem.
On the occasion, MSDE felicitated the experts/ trainers of the 19 participants who won
laurels for India at the WorldSkills Competition 2019 in Kazan, Russia on Aug 22-27.
India won a Gold, a Silver, two bronze and 15 Medallion of Excellence at WorldSkills
Competition and ranked 13th among 63 countries. Kaushalacharya Awards were also
conferred on trainers from the Directorate of General Training (DGT), the nodal body for
vocational training in India.




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